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AI short film-Furny Cats

AI short film-Furny cats “To explore the vast possibilities of AI,  I used AI tools to create a fun short film with two playful kittens.  Hope to make everyone smile! The ability I want to show is how to use AI tools to combine technology and creativity to improve creativity and productivity.”

Oulun Juhlaviikot 2023 Photographer

Oulun Juhlaviikot 2023  photographer Produce photos and videos for marketing usage. Oulun juhlaviikot 2023  After movie    Gallery Photos by Mediaxi  Air guitar world championships Elojazz Oulunsalo Soi Oulu arts night Muusajuhlat Flow Productions Oulu music video festival

Oulu Music Video Festival 2023 Trailers

Oulu music video festival 2023 Trailers GRAPHICS “I created trailers and screen graphics for Oulu Music Festival 2023,  focusing on engaging visuals to capture the festival’s energy for cinema audiences.  This project inproved my skills in video and graphic design, tailored for a large-scale event.”

Board game Package Design

BOARD game kunnari This Package design is based on customers’ game ideas This customer wants to make a baseball board game package design for publishing, which name is “Kunnari”.  Kunnari is the Finnish word , means ” Home Run”. The idea was for a sports field in summer, surrounded of the trees.  Customer has provided […]

OSAO Promo videos

OSAO silta hankkeen päätöseminaarin project “This project was an excellent example of teamwork, where we produced three promotional videos for the OSAO Silta hankkeen Together with Emdafia media, we were hands-on in every aspect of the production process—from setting up scenes and managing lighting to the actual shooting and subsequent editing.  Our teamwork made the […]

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